Indian Coffee House

Indian coffee house as it’s name specifies it’s coffee house bt it’s not as common as other coffee houses it’s the oldest brand of restaurent running in major cities of india since 1957. That’s a very pleasent place either it’s about the enviorment or behaviour of the staff, they are just genuine.
Last day it’s 1st of july i visited ICH and and now i m a fan of it. The most important thing about the place is, The Enviorment. The enviorment is very noramal just like your home, and another thing you can see geron groups out there, it seems like they are cmin there from there youngster time and not became habitual of that. I had visited many restaurents and coffee house and in my openion this is the best place to visit once in your life you will be served very honourly.
The place i visited is totally haweli type means all structure is very old. As i heard from one of my friend(Abhinav Singh) it’s called sawaal-jawaab structure means there is always another gate of window in front of a gate or window. Waiters are dressed and will with such an honour as you are nothing less then any prince. Another important thing for smoker where i visited is special place means a seprate room for smokers. This is the first place where i found this.

Now apart from all when it comes to students then i would like to tell you that it is far less expensive then other restaurents. So i just say that you must visit the place if it’s in your city…..


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