Graduation Means…

Graduation, a word have a lot of importance in anybody’s life coz in a person’s life, Career, his future, growth everything is dependent on this single word. Graduation sometimes also describes status of a person or sometimes mental growth or sometimes personality. So all n all Graduation is something which not only teaches us about books or subject bt also other aspects of life as stated above.

14- July- 2010 I had given my last xam or i can say Major Project viva in my college and that’s the day when i can say that i had completed my graduation untill i wouldn’t be getting any gift(BACK) from RTU.

Apart from the above discussed thing i had learned a lot from my Graduation, either it’s about my studies or technical knowledge or how to hadle critical situations and So much of genral knowledge. Means i have improved myself so better as i am in first year. Graduation word is something makes you think like that now you became elder and now you have to take some social and personal responsibilities. Now you are at some position where you have to take all your decision at your own. These 4 year are just like as our parents taught us riding bicycle and as far as we learned now we have to ride on our own.

So now i am over with my Graduation and willing to be at some good position after some year, and wishing same for all buddies…

Keep Smiling
All d Best…..


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