So Friends a simple seven letter word but when it is about to explain friendship then we can fill more then seven pages to explain what a real friendship actually means to. Friendship for me is really a great feeling or i would say sharing our life or everything. That’s what happened each time i tried to explain friendship. Friendship is something that is unexplainable. Till we have friends in our life we didn’t understand the importance of our friends bt when they leave you either due to fight or due to kind of relocation at that time we understand their importance. It’s 22-07-2010, i met my friends last time and you know each moment of that day is still fresh in my eyes. Before 22 july many friends had already left the hostel but 22- july is so special for me. Minesh my roomie left the hostel one day before and you know i miss him all the time when i used to sit in front of my computer system. I was just habitual of his suggetions. Manohar he left me 2 days befot due to some reasons and it’s really a bad feeling for me. Mayank the dude of our room left the place when i was not even in hostel. and yes i can i forget about Asha, she also left the place one day before 22-july and really as friends were leavin it was like very bad feeling.

So now back to 22- july-2010. It was morning time mukta called me in canteen. I reached there in half an hour and she handed over me smthing after that it’s time to leave for Poonam, she was the one feeling to bad, cried a lot for each buddy, i would never forget her condition at the time she was leaving and we were standing in the academic block. Now after Poonam it’s turn for Mukta i had gone with her upto railway station, and at railways station i had a g8t time with her. We shared a lot of thing with each other and talked a lot and in this time was over and now her train was ready to i came back to hostel and what did i had saw….

I was alone in the hostel, i never cried when my friends were leaving but at that time i cried a lot and at that day i got the importance of friends in my life. That’s how friends are seprated and it’s a painful feeling. I want to rejoin with my friends as soon as possible….

Missing all my college buddies….

if you have anything to share or any suggetions then just share it through comment.


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