18 Feb 2011


18 feb 2011, yes guys it’s today… you know what’s special about this day….”Today is my b’day”.

is today is my birthday?? Even i am not sure about this. This is the worst birthday, i ever have. This words are roaming in my mind. it’s 8o’clock morning and i am alone in my room.
i am not feeling bad because i am alone but actually I am missing all those pals, i had with all my friends. you know all those prepration for birthday and the most amazing thing “You know that your roomie have smthing planned for you but still you have to behave like you have no idea what will happen on the same night.” and after all cake programme n all there was a ceremony for birthday bumps.All experiences are still fresh in my mind like a cool breeze in the air. I know those days will never come back and we have to continue with our lives but still hoping that somewhere sometime i will get some cherished moments to enjoy again with my buddies.
As i read on one of my friend’s blog we are running for our dreams but not aware what is left behind.

Thank you..


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