finally i am accepting, yes i am a very emotional person. Today sunday whole day was awesome but at the end of the dont know what happened to me. it’s like all worries and tensions came together.I never felt like this ever. I was almost crying. You know sometime it happens when somebody try to boost you up but those special lines hurts you or i would say makes you cry so much. Today i have a long session of chat but all were gone with sorrow because i was upset. There are so many reasons today for being upset. Actually i am not happy with what i am, what i am doing and what is actually happening i my life. everything i like going out of my hand. Till date i thought i am concerned about my work and my knowledge but today i got to know that everything is in vain if your are not earning at some level. All my parents expectation, all my dream were drown in the sea. My condition was like drops of tears can come out any seconds. Now then in the last moment i again thought is there any need to wasting time and crying for all these problems. I have to do something, which will help me and will take me out of all these problems. After a long period of thinking, i have decided to again doing the same stuff of learning and then implementing. I just want to say means whenever you are down and helpless(dont close your eyes) just make those weakness your power by set them as your goal like you have to come over them.

That’s it for today. learned a lot of thing about own self. I dont expect this kind of day will come in your life but if it would just face it and f**k it….

Sahil kathuria


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