and it’s done…



yes, really it’s done. It has taken my
212- server updates
7 hrs and
a lot of ups and down. yes, it’s my first facebook application. I know it’s nothing for a developer who is working on these applications from a long time but it was really a great feeling for me. It was the night of 18-02-2011 and the next is the occasion of colors. So it’s a challenge for me to complete the application before sun starts glowing. It was in my mind from about 10 days ago but due to some problems i was not able to start development. So finally giving my whole night in the morning i found it ready to use. Basically that was developed for the occassion of holi and distributing gift to your precious friends on the festival of colors. Anyhow as this is my first application even i found so many bugs in it. But yet happy that some of my friends liked it and appreciated my work. If i talk about developing more application than my dream is to develop something which will bond all my friends somehow in some manner. Yet even i dont know what will be that, but it’s my promise that some day i will come with some solution and everybody will like it.Now below is the link of my application however this is not more useful now because that was basically developed for holi but yet if someone want to see my work please go through it…

Keep Smiling.. 🙂


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