Jaipur—-> Hyderabad

It’s a long time i have written something here. The only reason for not being there is i just get selected in something for what i was looking for from last 6-9 months. That’s an MNC. Yes, I got selected for Mahindra Satyam. It was 2nd April, yes world cup final day. I missed one inings of the match but yet i was having a great feeling of to be the part of the this company. Then after everything had gone somehow fast. i left jaipur to join a Delhi based company, Proprofs.com. I was confused because i was just not aware about the joining date of the Msat. Joined proprofs.com on 4th April 2011. It’s was also great experience working under that enviorment. Got some new friends and also some more geek persons then me. There working enviorment is yet same as it was in RG Infotech, there was no restriction about accessing internet, what you have to do is just complete your task at the end of the day. Also found some problem for accomodation, stayed at company’s guest house for some day i have spend almost 10 days in guest house and 11th night i just left for PG, but again a new test was ready for me and that is on the same night i got the joining letter from Msat. It became problem on the next day when i said the PG owner that i am leaving, he was angry, or would not say just angry he just started fighing anyhow one of my friend(Dinesh) helped me. Finally reached delhi late night 11 PM to Devesh’s apartment and after two days left for home with all my luggage. I was at home 12th April 2011, was having one day in hand and have to do some important formalities of the company like getting degree from university and complete the bond formalities. Somehow i managed to board on the train on 18th April 2011 and reached hyderabad 20th April 2011. Then i spend almost 6-7 days on the document formalities of the company and finally joined Msat at MSLW from 28th April 2011. That’s what where i thing my freedom i lost.

Yes that’s true. That’s what happened in last 1 month i was just not able to update my blog, not able to do creative development what i wanted to, but today i found mysellf esteblished in terms of the socity and in the eyes of parents. That’s what i gained from this MNC and I HAVE TO BE HAPPY…….. 🙂


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