CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

Yes friends, CSR which is a acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility, when we heard about that in MahindraSatyam, is was like just a named thing which we have to complete as our training part, but on 30-Aug-2011, it’s actually CSR day and we are supposed to visit some JILA PARISHAD SCHOOL, BAHADURPALLY. Now after this visit this acronym CSR has changed mind of many associates and i am one of them. Morning around 10 am we left from our office for that school which is about 2 km MSTC, it was hot day and everyone was just saying yaaarr bhottt garmi hai n all. Within 20-25 mins we reached at the school, there was some exam was going on of 5th and 6th standard. We are asked to visit primary classes for some time n just startd moving towards them. Now we are in kids and everyone was really happy to see the life of school again. We have spend a very memorable and special time with all those small children. I played so many games with many of them like cross, zero etc. Had a handshak with many of them, every one was trying to talk to them but there was language problem as we dont know telgu and they dont know hindi,english but thanks to all telgu know associates who translated our thing in tenglu and helped us to talk to those children. Apart from playin i congratulate many of them for getting first, second position in their last class. I remember some of the name and those are Vinod,B. Kiran, Ravi(5th topper) etc. Some of them were showing there handwriting then we asked some of them so dance and sing and they did it really well. In between we also got a break in that we also played kabbadi, made a train, some girls playing pail,duz,clickin pikkkzzz etc. Then we went to all the classes one by one and given copies,pen,pencil etc. After all this it’s the final time for MID DAY MEAL. One of my buddy Ganesh Shet bought some and all of us ate together, but what we have seen children were seating on the ground without any shadow under a hot sunny day, me and ganesh moved there with them asked many people about there favorite actress and actor, and there was a lot of replies like Rajnikanth,Mahesh Babu,Anushka,Tammna etc. During food we clicked so many pikkzz. Then as per the rules we have to wash our plates on our own and that work was given to Prerna, their one guy heard the name Laxmi(Ma very good fren and a very sweet girl) and started singing, laxmi- laxmi dont touch me touch me… After that we joined that guy and the whole day we(ganesh,prerna,poonam) were sucking here mind. Finally it’s already 1:20 in ma watch and all of the associated had already left to just thought to leave. We left the place and reached back to office while remembering some of the moments. Those 3-4 hours just became as the most precious hour of my life. We couldn’t give them so many gifts, but the time we have spend and smiles which we have given on their face were the most beautiful and valuable gift for them. Apart from all if i cont to write then there is no end of this, so i conclude and woudl like to say Thanks to MahindraSatyam for taking initiative in the field with the acronym CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility.

Keep Smiling 🙂


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