G for Gagan….

Our group during training in Msat and in our group so many friends were there but one person who was totally different in personality and very open in speaking(specialized in some terms) is Gagandeep Singh. He was the only sikh in our class, bt alone he was enogh to handle a group of people when things are of his track.

Today he departed from hyderabad for New delhi. When his train started dont know what feeling came in heart, no one means gudmandi,boom boom,ibbadat,vijay was talking, all were silent and moving out from the station.

The only thing i would say about him is he was a very good person and very good friend of mine. We had a great time during training either it’s about roaming or it’s about chatting in the class on messanger.
There is no one to beat bhajiii’s points on some tipycal topics, which i cant share here, but i know all guys who know him, will understand.

Last thing i would like to say bhajiii stay happy always and i wish for your success in the fourthcming life…
Keep Smiling…. 🙂


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