One of the Best Mate of Training

My best mate of training, as i am friendly in nature so it’s very easy for me to mingle with a group of people, but in a group always there is one person who is close to you, who knows you or the one with whom you can share your feelings without a second thought.

Yes, in training of Msat i met with a person, Gokul Gopinath. I remember it was the second day of the training when everyone looking for the seat, we introduced each other. His pc was in last but one row. His initial impact on me like, dude with rude attitude. But as far as we spent time, became good buddies and he exchanged his seat with Anu who was seating just beside me.

Gokul… never liked coding stuff, his favorite pass time in class were and We had a great time in class, he is the boom boom or counter-strike, and always like to put logo of boom boom in report of Oracle. One of the best thing about him is his communication skills, that was awesome, when he speaks everyone listening. We enjoyed a lot and the most in SWIMMING.
apart from that everyday lunch and late night masti in dorms, dinner at dilkhush, these are best memories what i shared with him.

Today he left Hyderabad, and moved on the track of the life. I hope he ll get something what he deserves and i ll keep praying for him.
All the best bro n Keep Smiling.. 🙂


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