Bitter Moment…..

My friends used to call me that i am very friendly sort of guy, easily mix up with all and have a lot of friends. Manytime it seems like true coz i have so many friends, either is about in office or home or about hometown but from those manytime sometime came in my life, when i wanted someone near me to whom i can share all the things i can talk for lonng hours and that guy/girl will stay with me all the time, so in those sometime i found NOONE around me. Today is one of those someday. Whole day went like awesome, it was similar like other days. I went office did similar sort of work, evening planned for Rochak’s place later which was cancelled, thought like i ll enjoy at home, 8:00 reached home, there was lock on the gate no one was there,thought to talk to one of Hyderabadi friend, she is also not there, called one of another friend, he was busy. It’s friday evening and i have no one beside me. Day which started with enjoy now about to end with tears and sadness.

I can’t blame anyone for this, everyone is doing there part. It’s just me who expects more from friends and little bit more extra from roomies, only reason coz i always stayed awesome roomies and they never went leaving me alone. Just trying to control myself but cant.
Its just the home sickness which is coming out of me as i didnt saw my parents from last 6-7 months.

Heard so many times girlfriend is the one who will be there always for you. All knows i have a GF and used to say she is very Good, Very caring, loves me a lot n all those things but where is she??? Today even she is not there to talk to me, whatever reason behind that.

The only thing which i can understand now, that is I AM ALONE…. 😦


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