Politicians….!!! I hate them.

Yes, everyone loves something and hate something, but today i will not talk about love, it’s about hate. If i talk about myself then i hate politicians a lot, they are those creatures of the earth, who are illiterate(mostly), have no idea what’s happening in the word and have only one aim to fill their pockets and bank accounts. One thing i never understand that why so much importance is given to them, to more importance the are getting, their status and their living standards are going high as the graph of x=y. Why cant we treat them normal human being who used to walk on the road alone, who is not having bodyguards all around, who is not having gypsies of police when they are going to visit some place. If they will be treated as normal person just imagine how much money can be saved if we treat them as a normal person n even if we will not be having the threat of losing our leaders there will be less attacks or threat calls for them.

All would be thinking what happened to me n why i am writing all this. Actually it’s just an incident took place last evening, usual i was coming back from office, was waiting for bus on the stand, in police gypsies came n started moving all vehicals on sides, traffic was asked to stay on the side of the road, it was nothing but some politician was visiting some nearby place and how much time they spent there not more than 5 mins and again the same process was repeated again and in all that what i have seen…
So many tired employees who are paying taxes to the same politicians govt got stuck on the roads, there were 2-3 ambulances were waiting in the same traffic n traffic jam if i talk about, it was like were i used to reach home in half and hour, today it took one and half and hour.

This is the reason why i hate then as i have observed this thing many times n yes I HATE THEM BADLY…


One thought on “Politicians….!!! I hate them.

  1. Anupam Mishra says:

    Yo yo my friendwa… You are right dude but not completly.. Yes they can walk on d road without bodyguards but but but,,, how could u forget indira gandhi death or simply terrorism.. Or just leave it these are very big words,, Lets talk about a simple person who is effected by some rule made by govt nd not happy b’coz impact on that person isn’t good… So if he is able to get them simply on road what will happen… So I just want to say Rules are right but problem is Person. Politics is good but not Politicians…

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