Wonderful Relation…

A person can have many relation, it could be brother, sister, cousin, frens.. but what i found the most wonderful relation in my life is with my parents. My mother whom i usually call MATA and my father whom i usually call DADDY JI.

Anyways all children love their parents by i found my parents somewhat special. They are the one who have always tried filling all my and my sister’s wishes, they never discriminated between me and sis. They have done a lot of hard work to make me reach at position where i stand now, the whole credit goes to them.

As i was a student of 70% and above kind of it made my way easy till my schooling, got scholarship and fee concession to continue till higher studies. Then after it was time for me to do graduation, but where B.A., B.Comm or B.Sc. as i was aware it will be difficult for me to go out of town and continue with some Engg degree. But at that time my father assured me that he will not leave a single stone upturned to launch my career to success.

I do remember doing engg from a private collage was never easy for me as i didn’t born in such family condition, we were same as 70% of india’s middle class families. What i have seen in my father is that he was ready to do anything to make me successful, because he never wanted that his children will spend same life as them, i mean they were happy all the way but with limited resources.

My Engg phase didn’t started in easy way. We have visited many banks for loan as collage fee and hostel amount was not affordable. Finally SBBJ is one of the bank which promised us to provide the loan. Thanks a ton to them. Yet the things were not ok as bank is supposed to be 80% of the total fee. We need to manage rest 20%.

Every year these 20% of my hostel+school fee tool something from our home, first year it was the small cloth business of my father which almost collapsed as he pulled money from it. He continued with it, same as 1st year 2nd year was also not easy this time the turn of on our only vehicle Maruti 800. Now going ahead 3rd and 4th year we were not left with anything which can make money for us and till not the whole business was also collapsed. This time my father was the person who has shown the daring to take money from marked on interest, this is what helped me to complete my study.

In the whole above stage the role of my mother was not that easy. All the way during whole time she encouraged me and was always there as a strong standing pillar with my father. She helped my father mentally and financially too by doing some home based work. She started doing kadhai to help the financial condition of home. Same as my mother my sister also helped in same way, she used to teach in school. I do remember when i was in collage on my birthday she gifted me Mobile phone. I loved that.

After completion of my engg now i am working for MahindraSatyam from last 1 year 7 months and my father only have paid back most of the money of market. They fulfilled all my dreams and now i am trying to give them all happiness what they deserve.

I will always wish a very much good luck and long life for them. 🙂


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