Dreams… Following me..!!

Here i come again after a longggg time…

People might think what the logic behind my writing, some time i write so frequently and some time for years i will not even open my blog. So this is the way i am. Actually the truth is even i don’t know what am i. Every day i spend hours to understand myself but everything is waste.

Anyways today i am not writing about myself, today its about my dreams, i am chasing from many years. The dream which actually i don’t see while sleeping but when i am awake. Dream which i have for my Family, for Frens and definitely for someone special.

People who are close to me knows how much lazy i am and how much i love sleeping. You might have seen video on Facebook.. :). But again coming back to dreams, Yes same dreams i have seen with open eyes has taken my sleep away. I always had small target dream in my life, always wanted to be at top but step by step, but every time i reach on next step i have to face sleepless nights. The only reason i found here is i use to see dreams but never thought about there consequences. Whenever i have achieved something i have always lost something on the other end. I loved the movie “Ye Jawani Hai Diwani”, just because of one dialog delivered by Deepika Padukone “Jitna b try karo BUNNY life me kuch na kuch to chutega hi….”. So that’t the story of my dream i am following and following and following and leaving many things behind :(.

Its been 2 hours i am trying to sleep but finally i have reopened the lappy and started writing this. May be i will be able to distribute some of them among others and have sleep…

Still trying to understand what i have written.. 😉

Signing Off
Sahil Kathuria


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