Never Ending Dreams…

Here comes another thought, actually it’s not just a thought it something i am going through… 😉

Someone has said it right, Insaan k sapne kabhi poore nahi hote… At a stage you will dream to achieve or acquire something and you think you will be happy after reaching there, but it never happens. Once you will reach your goals/dream, you will always start dreaming/achieving more bigger. There will be always new dreams coming into your mind which will never let you sleep.

Its pretty difficult to accept but yes we all are greedy enough that we can never satisfy ourselves. I never thought what i want from my life or what is the goal of my life. I never gave a damn about it and i was literately happy. Here i have something to notice. “I was happy.” I never though about family, responsibilities, what i should do for them.

Now when first time i gifted some stuff to my family and the blissful smile i have found on there faces can not be expressed in words. Now everyday I go to bed there are thousand of dreams revolving around my head. whenever i attain one dream and think now it is done, there are thousand another dreams comes around which can be achieved.

and these dreams never end….

In the end i would just feel sorry for my grammar and vocabulary, as i am not good in writing…. 😛

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off


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