Its been 3-4 years i have been writing, today i was going though one of my old post.. Emotions. Where i was helpless and had a ok type job and wanted to achieve so many things.

Today when i see myself, i am working in a MNC earning 12000 AED per month, when i will be back in India after a switching i will be able to earn 40-50k per month.

But what next??

This is the question i am asking myself everyday. This is it. Just get married in next two years and follow same routine till your retirement or your fingers stop working(as a developer most important part of body). It’s like everyday waking up going to same office, same cubicle lifelong. This is where i feel AIMLESS. 

I mean i don’t have something as Aim in my mind that i want to do and on another side no one is pushing me to follow this routine, but i can’t see other option. To live we need to earn to earn we need to follow this routine as i have choose this profession for myself.

So, what should i say that i have choose a wrong profession??

Actually these all are question for me as well. I means sometime i feel it silly, we take birth, go for studies, get a good job and then after some years you have to earn earn and earn so that your children can follow same silly process.

If you feel this post conflicting with my another post Never Ending Dream…, then please don’t get confused. Dream i feel are our achievements or our requirement or i would say our needs like a home, a bike or a car or becoming a manager. These cannot be considered as Aim of your life, this is just part of your life.

Some days back i have below video on facebook

and i feel this can be called as an Aim for the life. An Aim is something you can never get rid off or something which will never end and the more you do you feel more passionate about it.

So after thinking a lot about it i though to write it and get rid or this topic, because the more i write the more i get space in my brain, as we do in exams just write on the answer sheet and forget it.. 🙂

Now if you guys have some Aim do share it to help me understand Do i have an Aim or i am just Aimless…

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off


3 thoughts on “Aimless….

  1. avinash says:

    Dude ….first you need to know what makes you more happy which work gives you more enjoyment …..If it is coding ,sports,money …etc …you should know it …and follow that dream …initially you may not get a fat pay cheque but you will be very happy ….and money follows ….be happy

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