And.. Its all Over.

Yes it is. 

I never thought that this story(actually reality) would come to an end and that too in this manner. Yes, we broke up. A relation which started 8 years back come to an end. I do remember she always wanted me to write about us, Our Kinda Love Story. I always gave her some or the other excuse and never wrote about it. 

Today when we fall apart don’t know why but i am writing. May be as i always say writing gives me space in my mind or whatever i write things gets shift deleted from my mind and stop disturbing me.

The relation which started somewhere in 2006, don’t shout that i don’t even know the eject date as she already knows that i am too bad with remembering dates. So yeah back to point relation which started in 2006. It was all me who wanted her in my life desperately. She was my neighbor(Just opposite to my house).

Actually it stated much before 2006, we were child. I do remember what all silly things i did to see her, to meet her. Let me go into detail. My parents and neighbors always appreciated me, you know why?? while coming i always use to close the outside door but actually reason behind was very simple while closing the door i can see her as her house was just opposite to our house. Now please don’t laugh because this is not it. If i recall there is one more thing which stated because of her. All of my friends ask me why i do fast on Tuesday. So here is the answer. It was never because of some votive from God and till date it is not. It started just because it gave me the opportunity to visit her house every Tuesday for offering sacrament. Here it doesn’t end. I do followed her on the way to collage(Yet i was in school) and exchanged chits. In the same way i have done thousand of silly things just to see her to meet her. Was it love?? Yes it was.


Its been more than one week and very less people are aware about it and i am sure when most of my best buddies will get to know about it definitely will gonna curse me. But what happened why the story is ending in such a drastic way?? There are thousands of reasons some says i have changed. Yes, may be.

I can still recall the best time we have spent together and when it comes about us, Jaipur must be mentioned. It was my engineering Aug-2006. At that time if you had a phone either its Nokia 1100, you are a gadget guy and messages, it wasn’t free at all. I never had that much courage to go in front of her and propose her. So being a techie guy my proposal was on e-mail. Yes it was on email, with so many colors and with a small Note(Please don’t get angry even if you dont like it). So why did i wrote the note in the end?? It was written because most of my friends are not aware about this but she was egoistic and very have handled many guys badly because they have tried the same. Yes, You are right that she can not come over e-mail and beat me up, but i was her neighbor and i have to visit my home. At the same time i didn’t wanted to loose her completely that even if she rejects at least keep talking to me.

Initially my proposal was rejected and that too with a big lecture. Lecture as below.

“Sahil you are there to study not for all these things. Please concentrate on your engineering as your parents have so many expectation from you and so many things which a don’t remember… 😦 “

So what do you expect after that, A heart break right. Same happened with me. I was in mess when i have received this message, i left my food in between and directly went to my bed and stated crying. Now, please don’t make fun. Even guys cry sometime that too when your first proposal is rejected. Anyways we were still talking and by that time so many schemes stated for free messaging. Messages became a kind of routine for me either i am eating, sleeping, playing(outdoor games), attending classes. I means even if today i check my old photos, in almost all photos i will be holding my Motorola C168. After my so much pressure and as we were talking almost every seconds she said Yes. Yes she said Yes to my proposal. Yes, i got committed in first year of my collage.

If i talk about her, actually i should not talk as i will fall short of vocabulary, In short she was awesome either its about beauty or about emotions or about attitude. She was the cowboy of her home by all reasons. Either its about getting a 20 kg cylinder from LPG warehouse on bicycle or about visiting any of the govt. office for any paperwork. I mean people in City Council or Notary people known her by her face. Always positive attitude. I do remember when i visited city council with her and i was a bit shy for asking anything to officers over there and she was like running from one table to another and scolding each and every officer over there. This is how she was.


To be continued…    


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