Here comes the auspicious occasion of Hindus Diwali. The whole country’s maximum generation awaits for this festival to have leaves and enjoy some time with their family.

Same here I traveled across the ocean from dubai to India on 3 days leave. Reaching back in hometown, i have always received a warm welcome. Most of the time from my neighbors. Either it is about waiting on the roof to have glimpse of me or as soon as i reach home she comes over my home and wakes me up.

Everything which means everything is missing. I could not see her for at least 8 hr from the time i have reached home. She doesn’t want to see me. She doesn’t want to talk to me. She just want to ignore me.

I have started doing all wrong things like sending messages continuously as i am already blocked on what’s app and FB. Till today means in 2 days i have sent more then 50 messages without a single response. I just cant resist myself when she doesn’t respond to me. I want to cry but how many times i can go to washroom in a day. I visited her academy she ignored me i visited her home she ignored me but still i love her.

I agree, everything is happening because of me. I have done so many mistakes but now i have understood what life means to me.

It’s YOU..!!!

I just want to marry you.


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