Human Desires

Humans, what do we actually need in life, what is mandate to live your life. Its a very difficult question and answer may vary if you ask different people. If i look at myself closely all i see is hell lot of desire, these are not needs but DESIRE. Desire to earn more, desire to wear branded clothes, desire of owning vehlicles. 

If you sit tight and make a list you ll find n number of stuff from your daily routine which is nothing more than your desire. 

If i recollect my memory correctly than there was a time when buying  a INR 25 headphone use to be very expensive and i used to take care of it, the way a lady takes care of their jewelry and today i dont even think of buying the same. I would either buy a branded one or i wont buy at all. 

In the race of Human desire we keep on moving forward but one thing we should always remember that we should never let our desires ran over our neccessities. 
Signing off.


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