hey guys,

Welcome to you on my blog, I Sahil Kathuria IT Engineer from Rajasthan University. Basically i am from Sri GangaNagar. I have interest in web developing and designing. In web designing i have done some projects in them My slam is also there. Apart from that in my leisure time i like to listening to soft music and hang out with friends.

Now working as and associate of MahindraSatyam and i am trained on Oracle Technology. Being part of the company everyone has a lot of responsibility, being part of a company when you have comapny’s card under your neck your are not only representing yourself, but comapny’s value is also getting represented with whatever you do. So always thing before doing before whatever you do in your life will always have some effect on some one else…

That’s all about me now i would say that sometime in life times comes when you have no option but that is real time to proove yourself. Always be confident and try to give you bestest best either it’s about enjoying your life or about fighting for something.

Keep Smiling 🙂
All the best…


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