Human Desires

Humans, what do we actually need in life, what is mandate to live your life. Its a very difficult question and answer may vary if you ask different people. If i look at myself closely all i see is hell lot of desire, these are not needs but DESIRE. Desire to earn more, desire to wear branded clothes, desire of owning vehlicles. 

If you sit tight and make a list you ll find n number of stuff from your daily routine which is nothing more than your desire. 

If i recollect my memory correctly than there was a time when buying  a INR 25 headphone use to be very expensive and i used to take care of it, the way a lady takes care of their jewelry and today i dont even think of buying the same. I would either buy a branded one or i wont buy at all. 

In the race of Human desire we keep on moving forward but one thing we should always remember that we should never let our desires ran over our neccessities. 
Signing off.


Final Destination..

Its something similar what i posted on fb few days back. Most of the people while growing up setup their dream destination or the places they want to visit in their lifetime. For some people these destinations are big enough from the time they get their sense n for some of them its a step by step process, one after another.

It doesn’t matter how far you can think of but there will be a time in most of the people life that they set their hometown as their final destination. The place where the joirney has started. The place where they might have started dreaming. 

Today when i have merly seen 1% of the world think of going back to the place where i was born, grown and learnt all the basic things about life. Place which is quite, people are not really running or are not too busy in their lives. Place where you have people who cherished you during your success and pulled you during your bad times, without asking anything in exchange.. Your Parents.

Now i have selected this as my final destination today, it may take a while to get here bt its all efforts which we can make. 

Say all the best to me.. ­čśŐ­čśŐ

Signing off.

A journey on the verge of end..

Finally this journey comes to end. A journey which started about 1 year 5 months ago. Journey which many memories to be cherished and many forsaken. Last one and half year impacted me personally, professionally, emotionally,mentally and what not. It was like a roller coaster ride where sometime it gives you joy and sometime scares you.

Professionally speaking it has given me a lot of learning, a very good experience and a bunch of good friends in form of seniors. While speaking personally it was a bit on downside.

Many things happened which i never wanted to happen.

And again its not about things gone wrong, its just i never had anyone with whom i fought and we never spoke again. Its a feeling which cannot be expressed and it grinds you all the time somewhere in your mind.

Now flight is taking off, so to be continued…


Here comes the auspicious occasion of Hindus Diwali. The whole country’s maximum generation awaits for this festival to have leaves and enjoy some time with their family.

Same here I traveled across the ocean from dubai to India on 3 days leave. Reaching back in hometown, i have always received a warm welcome. Most of the time from my neighbors. Either it is about waiting on the roof to have glimpse of me or as soon as i reach home she comes over my home and wakes me up.

Everything which means everything is missing. I could not see her for at least 8 hr from the time i have reached home. She doesn’t want to see me. She doesn’t want to talk to me. She just want to ignore me.

I have started doing all wrong things like sending messages continuously as i am already blocked on what’s app and FB. Till today means in 2 days i have sent more then 50 messages without a single response. I just cant resist myself when she doesn’t respond to me. I want to cry but how many times i can go to washroom in a day. I visited her academy she ignored me i visited her home she ignored me but still i love her.

I agree, everything is happening because of me. I have done so many mistakes but now i have understood what life means to me.

It’s YOU..!!!

I just want to marry you.

The System

Today at 3.25 pm i have a movie show booked for myself and at 3.10 pm here i m waiting for my friend to come back from washroom and just opened the TOI. Top News: SC grants bail to Jayalalitha.

I hardly have any political view about any political party or any political leader but what i have observed that even after so many scams in India there is hardly any person found guilty and sent behind the bars. Reason behind that either investigation is still going on or a special bench has been kept in place for enquiry. Those who are under investigation will get court date after two to three months,u know there is a lot of work in court.

Now lets look into the other point. Jayalalitha convicted Dis appropriate asset case. A special bench found her guilty and bail was rejected. Now she looked forward to High court, but this time hearing for her comes too early. Again rejected, she turn to Supreme court and here comes the news Jayalalitha gets the bail. I means it just took less then 15 days to her to start from a special bench to reach supreme court and she gets the bail. This time our courts are free to listen to her and provide a hearing for her.

May be whatever i observe is wrong but i think there are many potholes in the judicial system. Some are to make sure people who may get convicted, give them as much time as require to deplete whatever proof exist against them and some are to make sure people who already got convicted let then reach as higher as require in the shortest span of time.

Now when you look back to the decision of the special bench or the HC, Does there decision to suspend her bail was wrong. It simply puts a question mark on the decision they are making when SC grants the bail. We the so called mango people have no idea what all things internally happens in political system. I follow the social media and found so many post about people praising Jayalalitha about the work she has done for Tamilnadu. She might have done great job for the development of the state but that doesn’t gave her any authority to violate any law of the country and if she has done so she should face the consequences as well.

She has got 2 months duration to represent some documents in front of SC. How many of you think that she will be sentenced in future, for sure i am not of them!!!

Would love to share a stand up comedian act here.

NOTE: I am not doing any research and not writing to offend people. These are just random thoughts from me who hardly reads the newspaper or watch news channels.

Signing Off

I come here every time there is a overflow of thoughts in my mind. whatever i write doesn’t make any sense to readers but these are just the feelings of my mind and heart which i want to put on this 800 * 300 px text area.

Sometime life becomes so annoying to us. There could be thousands of reason behind that. It could be family problems, personal problems, betrayal, low social connectivity or something you might be already going through. When all of them come together you just start hating everything, that my perception. When all of such things come together there will be a change, change in the way you live your life, your thinking, your mindset, your priorities. Everything just change.

When i recollect some of my old memories i was a very positive towards my life, my decision, my relations, my thinking. But now when i see my self what all i have is negativity all around. All decision gone wrong, whatever i planned its going just the opposite way. Situations turned in way never thought of.

I am just passing everyday. similarly a week and a month and so on. Means even after these hard tries what has gone wrong that situation never comes under control. The imbalance of financial state was not enough that faced same for relationship. The more i try to come out of these situations the more i slid into it. Its been 1 year 3 months and 10 days i am in Dubai and i should not blame the organization as they are paying enough then why my family is still under financial crisis.

People may have dream to go abroad and settle down but it wasn’t same with me. I never wanted to leave my country, my family and my friends. Still i came in the hope of helping my own family, but what i have ended up with more loans and more credit card bills.

Sometime i just think when i was young and staying at home, we use to sleep on daawan ki charpai under the open sky where you can see the stars all night. During that time dreamed of to get good quality beds and bedrooms with AC’s. Today when i have acquired those dreams i just miss those young golden days of sleeping under the open sky and wish to go back one day permanently. Again a dream but other way around.

In short i just miss my family big time. Would love to share one song below.

Signing off

Bad Guy in Good World….

Here i am the bad guy.

Probably that how people will judge me the way i have started doing/behaving with people around me. It could be my friends, people who love me or relatives.

I do remember there was a time when i was called most innocent guy. A very Good Friend of friends, a very good son of parents and of course a good boyfriend for the my girl. Everything turned too fast that i didn’t even realize when all that stuff happened in my life. It hardly took 3-4 month that i have screwed everything around me.

The very first of my mistake was to take it too casually to cheat on my girl, who was with me for 7 years during the time when i had nothing, i used to look like a dumb ass whom no girl would like to date to. what i did?? I dumped her, reason?? still trying to figure out.

Second, hooked up to another girl, who was actually a friend only from last 3 years. It was love or Infatuation dont know. One thing was sure that i liked her and couldn’t resist myself to talking to her for more then 2 days. Only problem was she wanted something from life for which i was not at all ready. After a 4 month relationship with lots of hiccups, have taken a hard decision to let her go on her way, as i dont find myself suitable for her. It wasnt easy but was required to leave her as my life isnt gonna way easy everyone expect. I just Wish for much Happiness in her life.

That’s how a boy about whom everyone thought will be different from other and will stay with one girl been through 2 girl and yes with a lot of thinking in his own mind. Many of you may think not a big deal, It happens with most of the guys or most of the guys want they should get someone for sometime and then move one but i am not one of them which i have realized so far. You can run from people but you can not run from your own thinking. All those subject/person have been in my life will chase me forever. I couldn’t continue with 2nd girl coz of lots of memories of the first one and now there are two. Whatever you call it cheated on them or made a fool of them somewhere in my heart i am also not happy for what i have done. I can not bring back past to make everyone happy. It is me who has made their life awful and will be ashamed of everything bad day i have given them.

In the end i just pray for their Happiness and Goodwill.

Signing off