And.. Its all Over.

Yes it is. 

I never thought that this story(actually reality) would come to an end and that too in this manner. Yes, we broke up. A relation which started 8 years back come to an end. I do remember she always wanted me to write about us, Our Kinda Love Story. I always gave her some or the other excuse and never wrote about it. 

Today when we fall apart don’t know why but i am writing. May be as i always say writing gives me space in my mind or whatever i write things gets shift deleted from my mind and stop disturbing me.

The relation which started somewhere in 2006, don’t shout that i don’t even know the eject date as she already knows that i am too bad with remembering dates. So yeah back to point relation which started in 2006. It was all me who wanted her in my life desperately. She was my neighbor(Just opposite to my house).

Actually it stated much before 2006, we were child. I do remember what all silly things i did to see her, to meet her. Let me go into detail. My parents and neighbors always appreciated me, you know why?? while coming i always use to close the outside door but actually reason behind was very simple while closing the door i can see her as her house was just opposite to our house. Now please don’t laugh because this is not it. If i recall there is one more thing which stated because of her. All of my friends ask me why i do fast on Tuesday. So here is the answer. It was never because of some votive from God and till date it is not. It started just because it gave me the opportunity to visit her house every Tuesday for offering sacrament. Here it doesn’t end. I do followed her on the way to collage(Yet i was in school) and exchanged chits. In the same way i have done thousand of silly things just to see her to meet her. Was it love?? Yes it was.


Its been more than one week and very less people are aware about it and i am sure when most of my best buddies will get to know about it definitely will gonna curse me. But what happened why the story is ending in such a drastic way?? There are thousands of reasons some says i have changed. Yes, may be.

I can still recall the best time we have spent together and when it comes about us, Jaipur must be mentioned. It was my engineering Aug-2006. At that time if you had a phone either its Nokia 1100, you are a gadget guy and messages, it wasn’t free at all. I never had that much courage to go in front of her and propose her. So being a techie guy my proposal was on e-mail. Yes it was on email, with so many colors and with a small Note(Please don’t get angry even if you dont like it). So why did i wrote the note in the end?? It was written because most of my friends are not aware about this but she was egoistic and very have handled many guys badly because they have tried the same. Yes, You are right that she can not come over e-mail and beat me up, but i was her neighbor and i have to visit my home. At the same time i didn’t wanted to loose her completely that even if she rejects at least keep talking to me.

Initially my proposal was rejected and that too with a big lecture. Lecture as below.

“Sahil you are there to study not for all these things. Please concentrate on your engineering as your parents have so many expectation from you and so many things which a don’t remember… 😦 “

So what do you expect after that, A heart break right. Same happened with me. I was in mess when i have received this message, i left my food in between and directly went to my bed and stated crying. Now, please don’t make fun. Even guys cry sometime that too when your first proposal is rejected. Anyways we were still talking and by that time so many schemes stated for free messaging. Messages became a kind of routine for me either i am eating, sleeping, playing(outdoor games), attending classes. I means even if today i check my old photos, in almost all photos i will be holding my Motorola C168. After my so much pressure and as we were talking almost every seconds she said Yes. Yes she said Yes to my proposal. Yes, i got committed in first year of my collage.

If i talk about her, actually i should not talk as i will fall short of vocabulary, In short she was awesome either its about beauty or about emotions or about attitude. She was the cowboy of her home by all reasons. Either its about getting a 20 kg cylinder from LPG warehouse on bicycle or about visiting any of the govt. office for any paperwork. I mean people in City Council or Notary people known her by her face. Always positive attitude. I do remember when i visited city council with her and i was a bit shy for asking anything to officers over there and she was like running from one table to another and scolding each and every officer over there. This is how she was.


To be continued…    



Its been 3-4 years i have been writing, today i was going though one of my old post.. Emotions. Where i was helpless and had a ok type job and wanted to achieve so many things.

Today when i see myself, i am working in a MNC earning 12000 AED per month, when i will be back in India after a switching i will be able to earn 40-50k per month.

But what next??

This is the question i am asking myself everyday. This is it. Just get married in next two years and follow same routine till your retirement or your fingers stop working(as a developer most important part of body). It’s like everyday waking up going to same office, same cubicle lifelong. This is where i feel AIMLESS. 

I mean i don’t have something as Aim in my mind that i want to do and on another side no one is pushing me to follow this routine, but i can’t see other option. To live we need to earn to earn we need to follow this routine as i have choose this profession for myself.

So, what should i say that i have choose a wrong profession??

Actually these all are question for me as well. I means sometime i feel it silly, we take birth, go for studies, get a good job and then after some years you have to earn earn and earn so that your children can follow same silly process.

If you feel this post conflicting with my another post Never Ending Dream…, then please don’t get confused. Dream i feel are our achievements or our requirement or i would say our needs like a home, a bike or a car or becoming a manager. These cannot be considered as Aim of your life, this is just part of your life.

Some days back i have below video on facebook

and i feel this can be called as an Aim for the life. An Aim is something you can never get rid off or something which will never end and the more you do you feel more passionate about it.

So after thinking a lot about it i though to write it and get rid or this topic, because the more i write the more i get space in my brain, as we do in exams just write on the answer sheet and forget it.. 🙂

Now if you guys have some Aim do share it to help me understand Do i have an Aim or i am just Aimless…

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off

Never Ending Dreams…

Here comes another thought, actually it’s not just a thought it something i am going through… 😉

Someone has said it right, Insaan k sapne kabhi poore nahi hote… At a stage you will dream to achieve or acquire something and you think you will be happy after reaching there, but it never happens. Once you will reach your goals/dream, you will always start dreaming/achieving more bigger. There will be always new dreams coming into your mind which will never let you sleep.

Its pretty difficult to accept but yes we all are greedy enough that we can never satisfy ourselves. I never thought what i want from my life or what is the goal of my life. I never gave a damn about it and i was literately happy. Here i have something to notice. “I was happy.” I never though about family, responsibilities, what i should do for them.

Now when first time i gifted some stuff to my family and the blissful smile i have found on there faces can not be expressed in words. Now everyday I go to bed there are thousand of dreams revolving around my head. whenever i attain one dream and think now it is done, there are thousand another dreams comes around which can be achieved.

and these dreams never end….

In the end i would just feel sorry for my grammar and vocabulary, as i am not good in writing…. 😛

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off

End of Another Year…. 2013

Finally Its end of another tremendous Calendar year in the journey of the life. Being in IT services it’s very common to for me to mention Calendar or Financial Year 😛 . Anyways lets come back to the point. Yes, its almost end of another year. Actually what made me to write this post is FB. If people might have noticed facebook has shared yearreview of everyone.

One day, just like other days i was going through my profile like everyone else do and got a link “YEAR REVIEW”. As soon as i clicked over the link and went through the whole page, what i got is a big smile on my face. It took me through all wonderful moment i lived in current year. Actually i liked their concept of reminding you what you have achieved and what you have lost in your past.

As usual here i will talk only about me and people around me. Personally this is the best year i have lived till date in ALL TERMS. It doesn’t mean that earlier i was not happy but that happiness was conditional. My first post on FB was on 4 January 2013. The new year gave me the gift in form of a laptop. This was something i planned from the date i passed out college, but this was just beginning. I always wanted to visit different places but always with friends and in the same year first trip we made is to Kashid Beach, Lonawala and Khandala, awesome trip where i enjoyed a lot, all thanks to my dear friends. But story doesn’t end here in the span of 3 months me along with my roommates made another trip to Chirala, Suryalanka beach. It was another fabulous experience and will stay for lifetime. I had great roommates as in Rajesh, Manish, Anupam, Lokesh, Anshul but Rathi bhai was alwasy somewhere missing in the list, but this trip actually worked out and now i know him much better. I hope Pranav also gained a lot from this trip. Pranav if someday you will read this definitely you will remember the night before we depart from Hyderabad and the next night at the beach 😉 . Actually in this trip we all have spend quality time with each other :P, don’t take it in another way 😉 . Now end of May and beginning of a new month and what’s their in the market, its lumia 720, for what i was waiting for. So June-13 was special for me as in getting first smartphone and just after that under awesome mausam(i mean rainy) had dinner 😛 (Don’t think too much why i have mentioned about dinner :P). So this was another feather to my Cap. Now here comes the most important month of the year, till date i am confused that i should be happy for this or sad, when i wanted this, i wanted it badly but when i got this somewhere in my heart i didn’t want it, this was the time i understood how brain and heart thinks in different ways. It was nothing but Onsite opportunity to Dubai. I traveled to Dubai on 02-July-2013. It was something like a field on HTML form marked as mandatory but don’t want to fill it 😦 . Anyways as it was required so i heard to my brain and till date i am here in Dubai and writing this post.

wait wait wait.. One last thing from this year is the good news i got today. On the components i was working from past 5-6 months has passed the UAT successfully and have received appreciations from my Managers and Seniors ;).

In the end would like to share the same FB yearreview with everyone.

Now eagerly waiting for the new year how many new things it will come up with.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off

Dreams… Following me..!!

Here i come again after a longggg time…

People might think what the logic behind my writing, some time i write so frequently and some time for years i will not even open my blog. So this is the way i am. Actually the truth is even i don’t know what am i. Every day i spend hours to understand myself but everything is waste.

Anyways today i am not writing about myself, today its about my dreams, i am chasing from many years. The dream which actually i don’t see while sleeping but when i am awake. Dream which i have for my Family, for Frens and definitely for someone special.

People who are close to me knows how much lazy i am and how much i love sleeping. You might have seen video on Facebook.. :). But again coming back to dreams, Yes same dreams i have seen with open eyes has taken my sleep away. I always had small target dream in my life, always wanted to be at top but step by step, but every time i reach on next step i have to face sleepless nights. The only reason i found here is i use to see dreams but never thought about there consequences. Whenever i have achieved something i have always lost something on the other end. I loved the movie “Ye Jawani Hai Diwani”, just because of one dialog delivered by Deepika Padukone “Jitna b try karo BUNNY life me kuch na kuch to chutega hi….”. So that’t the story of my dream i am following and following and following and leaving many things behind :(.

Its been 2 hours i am trying to sleep but finally i have reopened the lappy and started writing this. May be i will be able to distribute some of them among others and have sleep…

Still trying to understand what i have written.. 😉

Signing Off
Sahil Kathuria

Wonderful Relation…

A person can have many relation, it could be brother, sister, cousin, frens.. but what i found the most wonderful relation in my life is with my parents. My mother whom i usually call MATA and my father whom i usually call DADDY JI.

Anyways all children love their parents by i found my parents somewhat special. They are the one who have always tried filling all my and my sister’s wishes, they never discriminated between me and sis. They have done a lot of hard work to make me reach at position where i stand now, the whole credit goes to them.

As i was a student of 70% and above kind of it made my way easy till my schooling, got scholarship and fee concession to continue till higher studies. Then after it was time for me to do graduation, but where B.A., B.Comm or B.Sc. as i was aware it will be difficult for me to go out of town and continue with some Engg degree. But at that time my father assured me that he will not leave a single stone upturned to launch my career to success.

I do remember doing engg from a private collage was never easy for me as i didn’t born in such family condition, we were same as 70% of india’s middle class families. What i have seen in my father is that he was ready to do anything to make me successful, because he never wanted that his children will spend same life as them, i mean they were happy all the way but with limited resources.

My Engg phase didn’t started in easy way. We have visited many banks for loan as collage fee and hostel amount was not affordable. Finally SBBJ is one of the bank which promised us to provide the loan. Thanks a ton to them. Yet the things were not ok as bank is supposed to be 80% of the total fee. We need to manage rest 20%.

Every year these 20% of my hostel+school fee tool something from our home, first year it was the small cloth business of my father which almost collapsed as he pulled money from it. He continued with it, same as 1st year 2nd year was also not easy this time the turn of on our only vehicle Maruti 800. Now going ahead 3rd and 4th year we were not left with anything which can make money for us and till not the whole business was also collapsed. This time my father was the person who has shown the daring to take money from marked on interest, this is what helped me to complete my study.

In the whole above stage the role of my mother was not that easy. All the way during whole time she encouraged me and was always there as a strong standing pillar with my father. She helped my father mentally and financially too by doing some home based work. She started doing kadhai to help the financial condition of home. Same as my mother my sister also helped in same way, she used to teach in school. I do remember when i was in collage on my birthday she gifted me Mobile phone. I loved that.

After completion of my engg now i am working for MahindraSatyam from last 1 year 7 months and my father only have paid back most of the money of market. They fulfilled all my dreams and now i am trying to give them all happiness what they deserve.

I will always wish a very much good luck and long life for them. 🙂

Politicians….!!! I hate them.

Yes, everyone loves something and hate something, but today i will not talk about love, it’s about hate. If i talk about myself then i hate politicians a lot, they are those creatures of the earth, who are illiterate(mostly), have no idea what’s happening in the word and have only one aim to fill their pockets and bank accounts. One thing i never understand that why so much importance is given to them, to more importance the are getting, their status and their living standards are going high as the graph of x=y. Why cant we treat them normal human being who used to walk on the road alone, who is not having bodyguards all around, who is not having gypsies of police when they are going to visit some place. If they will be treated as normal person just imagine how much money can be saved if we treat them as a normal person n even if we will not be having the threat of losing our leaders there will be less attacks or threat calls for them.

All would be thinking what happened to me n why i am writing all this. Actually it’s just an incident took place last evening, usual i was coming back from office, was waiting for bus on the stand, in police gypsies came n started moving all vehicals on sides, traffic was asked to stay on the side of the road, it was nothing but some politician was visiting some nearby place and how much time they spent there not more than 5 mins and again the same process was repeated again and in all that what i have seen…
So many tired employees who are paying taxes to the same politicians govt got stuck on the roads, there were 2-3 ambulances were waiting in the same traffic n traffic jam if i talk about, it was like were i used to reach home in half and hour, today it took one and half and hour.

This is the reason why i hate then as i have observed this thing many times n yes I HATE THEM BADLY…