End of Another Year…. 2013

Finally Its end of another tremendous Calendar year in the journey of the life. Being in IT services it’s very common to for me to mention Calendar or Financial Year 😛 . Anyways lets come back to the point. Yes, its almost end of another year. Actually what made me to write this post is FB. If people might have noticed facebook has shared yearreview of everyone.

One day, just like other days i was going through my profile like everyone else do and got a link “YEAR REVIEW”. As soon as i clicked over the link and went through the whole page, what i got is a big smile on my face. It took me through all wonderful moment i lived in current year. Actually i liked their concept of reminding you what you have achieved and what you have lost in your past.

As usual here i will talk only about me and people around me. Personally this is the best year i have lived till date in ALL TERMS. It doesn’t mean that earlier i was not happy but that happiness was conditional. My first post on FB was on 4 January 2013. The new year gave me the gift in form of a laptop. This was something i planned from the date i passed out college, but this was just beginning. I always wanted to visit different places but always with friends and in the same year first trip we made is to Kashid Beach, Lonawala and Khandala, awesome trip where i enjoyed a lot, all thanks to my dear friends. But story doesn’t end here in the span of 3 months me along with my roommates made another trip to Chirala, Suryalanka beach. It was another fabulous experience and will stay for lifetime. I had great roommates as in Rajesh, Manish, Anupam, Lokesh, Anshul but Rathi bhai was alwasy somewhere missing in the list, but this trip actually worked out and now i know him much better. I hope Pranav also gained a lot from this trip. Pranav if someday you will read this definitely you will remember the night before we depart from Hyderabad and the next night at the beach 😉 . Actually in this trip we all have spend quality time with each other :P, don’t take it in another way 😉 . Now end of May and beginning of a new month and what’s their in the market, its lumia 720, for what i was waiting for. So June-13 was special for me as in getting first smartphone and just after that under awesome mausam(i mean rainy) had dinner 😛 (Don’t think too much why i have mentioned about dinner :P). So this was another feather to my Cap. Now here comes the most important month of the year, till date i am confused that i should be happy for this or sad, when i wanted this, i wanted it badly but when i got this somewhere in my heart i didn’t want it, this was the time i understood how brain and heart thinks in different ways. It was nothing but Onsite opportunity to Dubai. I traveled to Dubai on 02-July-2013. It was something like a field on HTML form marked as mandatory but don’t want to fill it 😦 . Anyways as it was required so i heard to my brain and till date i am here in Dubai and writing this post.

wait wait wait.. One last thing from this year is the good news i got today. On the components i was working from past 5-6 months has passed the UAT successfully and have received appreciations from my Managers and Seniors ;).

In the end would like to share the same FB yearreview with everyone.

Now eagerly waiting for the new year how many new things it will come up with.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed.

Signing Off