Final Destination..

Its something similar what i posted on fb few days back. Most of the people while growing up setup their dream destination or the places they want to visit in their lifetime. For some people these destinations are big enough from the time they get their sense n for some of them its a step by step process, one after another.

It doesn’t matter how far you can think of but there will be a time in most of the people life that they set their hometown as their final destination. The place where the joirney has started. The place where they might have started dreaming. 

Today when i have merly seen 1% of the world think of going back to the place where i was born, grown and learnt all the basic things about life. Place which is quite, people are not really running or are not too busy in their lives. Place where you have people who cherished you during your success and pulled you during your bad times, without asking anything in exchange.. Your Parents.

Now i have selected this as my final destination today, it may take a while to get here bt its all efforts which we can make. 

Say all the best to me.. 😊😊

Signing off.