The System

Today at 3.25 pm i have a movie show booked for myself and at 3.10 pm here i m waiting for my friend to come back from washroom and just opened the TOI. Top News: SC grants bail to Jayalalitha.

I hardly have any political view about any political party or any political leader but what i have observed that even after so many scams in India there is hardly any person found guilty and sent behind the bars. Reason behind that either investigation is still going on or a special bench has been kept in place for enquiry. Those who are under investigation will get court date after two to three months,u know there is a lot of work in court.

Now lets look into the other point. Jayalalitha convicted Dis appropriate asset case. A special bench found her guilty and bail was rejected. Now she looked forward to High court, but this time hearing for her comes too early. Again rejected, she turn to Supreme court and here comes the news Jayalalitha gets the bail. I means it just took less then 15 days to her to start from a special bench to reach supreme court and she gets the bail. This time our courts are free to listen to her and provide a hearing for her.

May be whatever i observe is wrong but i think there are many potholes in the judicial system. Some are to make sure people who may get convicted, give them as much time as require to deplete whatever proof exist against them and some are to make sure people who already got convicted let then reach as higher as require in the shortest span of time.

Now when you look back to the decision of the special bench or the HC, Does there decision to suspend her bail was wrong. It simply puts a question mark on the decision they are making when SC grants the bail. We the so called mango people have no idea what all things internally happens in political system. I follow the social media and found so many post about people praising Jayalalitha about the work she has done for Tamilnadu. She might have done great job for the development of the state but that doesn’t gave her any authority to violate any law of the country and if she has done so she should face the consequences as well.

She has got 2 months duration to represent some documents in front of SC. How many of you think that she will be sentenced in future, for sure i am not of them!!!

Would love to share a stand up comedian act here.

NOTE: I am not doing any research and not writing to offend people. These are just random thoughts from me who hardly reads the newspaper or watch news channels.

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