Bad Guy in Good World….

Here i am the bad guy.

Probably that how people will judge me the way i have started doing/behaving with people around me. It could be my friends, people who love me or relatives.

I do remember there was a time when i was called most innocent guy. A very Good Friend of friends, a very good son of parents and of course a good boyfriend for the my girl. Everything turned too fast that i didn’t even realize when all that stuff happened in my life. It hardly took 3-4 month that i have screwed everything around me.

The very first of my mistake was to take it too casually to cheat on my girl, who was with me for 7 years during the time when i had nothing, i used to look like a dumb ass whom no girl would like to date to. what i did?? I dumped her, reason?? still trying to figure out.

Second, hooked up to another girl, who was actually a friend only from last 3 years. It was love or Infatuation dont know. One thing was sure that i liked her and couldn’t resist myself to talking to her for more then 2 days. Only problem was she wanted something from life for which i was not at all ready. After a 4 month relationship with lots of hiccups, have taken a hard decision to let her go on her way, as i dont find myself suitable for her. It wasnt easy but was required to leave her as my life isnt gonna way easy everyone expect. I just Wish for much Happiness in her life.

That’s how a boy about whom everyone thought will be different from other and will stay with one girl been through 2 girl and yes with a lot of thinking in his own mind. Many of you may think not a big deal, It happens with most of the guys or most of the guys want they should get someone for sometime and then move one but i am not one of them which i have realized so far. You can run from people but you can not run from your own thinking. All those subject/person have been in my life will chase me forever. I couldn’t continue with 2nd girl coz of lots of memories of the first one and now there are two. Whatever you call it cheated on them or made a fool of them somewhere in my heart i am also not happy for what i have done. I can not bring back past to make everyone happy. It is me who has made their life awful and will be ashamed of everything bad day i have given them.

In the end i just pray for their Happiness and Goodwill.

Signing off